Friday, January 29, 2010

Cr3zy Personal

Cr3zy Design (Personal) $125
(Plus the cost of any digital kit, istock graphic, and/or Commercial License fee)

This is a three-column layout and it is definitely for a Cr3zy blogger who loves widgets and socializing!

this package comes with:
personalized header
10 side buttons of your choice
up to 6 pictures with frames on the side
a custom signature
custom post-break
fonts of your choice
link and border colors of your choice
matching 'grab me' button upon request

Extra Side Pictures in Frames- $3 each
Extra side buttons- $2 each
Menu links in the header $35
4 rotating headers $40

Choose from the following 3 layout styles:
*The following blogs are examples only. I customize each blog to your liking and do not sell templates

(The header spans the page horizontally and a solid color background of your choice)

southern gal
(The side and main columns are wrapped together in one space)

vintage lover
(The header and sides are floating on top of the background of your choice)